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gradomska architects

We arearchitects from Łódź who are full of passion and energy. A team of people that enjoys taking up new challenges. We start each project with enthusiasm and energy. We are fascinated by clear form and composition set in a spatial context. We design the big urban complexes as well as intimate interiors. In the recent years our specialty became semi-detached and terraced family homes settlements as well as the multifamily houses. We can be also proud of the atypical projects of the production-office and storage facilities. We have a lot of experience in designing veterinary clinics and animal shelters. What is more, a significant part of our activity is arranging interiors, both residential and commercial. We support each investment comprehensively – we conduct the programme-spatial analysis, architectural-urban concepts, building and executive projects as well as the project supervision. We can offer two decades of experience confirmed by licenses of all the branches. We work in the BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology, each time creating a realistic model of a designed building or interior. Each of our projects is equipped with realistic visualizations that let us cooperate with the client. We constantly develop and we want to know more, work better and be one of the best!


The phases of the construction and executive design

Phase 1 - getting to know the client’s needs

Having a conversation about the client’s functional-spatial and aesthetic needs is a starting point for the cubic design. With big design assumptions we get a description of needs which is poor in details, called the book of developer standards. With smaller designs we ask the client to answer the survey questions, the so-called briefs, which let us get to know his/her expectations.

Phase 2 - conceptual design

The conceptual design or the program-spatial concept is the first design formulation including the final target outlines of the design, but with not many details. The concept defines the functional scheme of rooms and determines the initial construction and installation equipment. In this phase the 3d model is built that lets clarify the block.

In this phase it is possible to change concepts and make corrections by the client. Their number must be strictly determined in the contract. The conceptual phase is characterized by strict cooperation between a client and an architect.

Phase 3 - construction design

The building project, constituting an annex to the building permit application, is a formal document made according to the provision governing its range. The construction design consists of the architectural-construction design and spatial planning design. The diversified architectural-building design includes the proposed technical solutions of all the branches – starting from architecture (as views of building storeys, characteristic intersections, elevation, listing of window and door carpentry, technical equipment) through the construction (with the statistical calculations), sanitary, electrical, ventilation installation and the energetic characteristic with the analysis of the renewable energy sources.
The spatial planning design includes adding the design elements, i.e. a design with technical infrastructure (external installation, joints, networks, etc.) and building equipment (park lanes, trash cans, etc.) to the current map for designing purposes. What is more, it includes the professional formulations concerning the territory of the parcel, like the road and installation design, geotechnical opinions or analyses, i.e. the analysis of covering up and overshadowing or the analysis of the building impact area. The construction designs of bigger investments are additionally agreed with the fire protection or sanitary-epidemiological valuers – according to the applying law.
For the construction design – as a separate elaboration – we make also marketing materials for investments in the form of a visualization, animation or catalogue cards used for selling flats.

Phase 4 - building permit

On behalf of the client we get the legal decisions approving the construction design and building permits as well as all the necessary legal agreements, opinions, documents, etc.

Phase 5 - executive design

The executive design consists of detailed solutions included in the construction design and it is necessary to realize bigger or atypical investments. The executive design includes drawings of atypical or detailed solutions used in the building in the form of details in the so-called detail notebook. In this phase also the designs of removing collided designed elements with the existing infrastructure and additional analysis, e.g. acoustic, are conducted. The executive design ensures correct construction works, but is also a base for making a cost analysis and measurements used for preparing offer enquires and tenders as well as choosing the contractors. It is also a base for control of construction works quality and their construction reception.

Phase 6 - designer’s supervision

The designers of all the branches are legally responsible for supervising the investment. It ensures watching over the compatibility of works with project documentation, explain doubts created in the phase of works implementation and giving consent to introduce changes.
The designer’s supervision, just like the replaced projects, is a service valued separately – outside the project. It can be a sum settled at once for the complex investment service or it can be paid for each designer’s presence on the construction site.


The phases of interior arrangement

Phase 1 - getting to know the client’s needs

Talking about the functional and aesthetic needs is a starting point for the design of interior arrangement. In this phase the investment budget is usually settled, the value of which is necessary to execute the project according to the financial ability of the client. Always at the beginning we ask you for a package of inspiration – investment or equipment photos that you like and which will help us determine the desired stylistic preferences.

Phase 2 - inventory

At the lack of archived documentation, in the second phase we execute the inventory check (so measuring all the interior elements and its technological equipment) together with the photographic documentation. If the archived documentation is sufficiently detailed – the inventory check can be executed later on – after the conceptual design.

Phase 3 - conceptual design

The conceptual design usually includes the functional view of the rooms with the spatial disposition, basic dimensions and initial material requirements. What is important when it comes to introducing residential changes in flats during the developers’ implementation, in this phase we make also a view of sanitary installation trials, including the water-sewer and central heating as well as the basic electrical installation with indicating the electric points and ventilation. It lets avoiding bigger reconstructions and disassembling after receiving the flat, so also avoiding unnecessary cost, because the flats are implemented according to the final arrangement requirements. In this phase we execute also the visualizations of space, in which the complete vision of the flat with the proposed colours and details is visible. In this phase it is possible to change the concept and propose changes by the client. Their number must be strictly determined in the contract. The conceptual phase is characterized by strong cooperation between a client and an architect. It may constitute the final phase in case of preparing the executive design by the executive team or in case of making the marketing materials for the investment.

Phase 4 - executive design

The executive design is a detailed drawing of functional views of the rooms, the view of the ceiling with the lighting, the view of floors and walls with wall linings and furniture. Usually we also make the solution details or the workshop drawings of the individually designed furniture (both built-in and free standing ones). All the drawings are dimensioned in details and include a set of information on the used equipment, used materials and solutions. An important element of the executive design are the sets of materials, equipment and lighting (with stating particular furniture, collection, manufacturer, dimensions, colours, finishing, numbers and prices, as well as indicating the place of purchase).

Phase 5 - designer’s supervision

In order to make sure that the interior is going to be executed according to the design it is necessary to use the designer’s supervision. It ensures a proper inter-professional coordination, watching over the quality of the works and introducing the replacement solutions. The designer’s supervision is a service that is usually priced separately – outside the design. It may be a sum paid at once for the complex investment service or it may be paid for each designer’s presence on the construction site.




"Anita Gradomska & Architects - A team of architects who breaks with traditional formulas in his projects, breaks patterns and puts the diversity of structure and surface. The stunning façades make the houses designed by the office extremely tasteful and stylish. The projects, thought over in the smallest details, protect the privacy of the residents, but also provide them with the necessary space for comfortable functioning. Apartment buildings in a semi-detached house have separate entrances, garages and small gardens, as well as practical and effective terraces. Keeping in mind the needs of every family home, architects offer an individually designed functional layout. Passionate Lodz architects approach each project individually, taking care of the purity of the form and proper embedding of the composition in a specific space."

Technologie Galwaniczne

"The company of Mrs. Anita Gradomska has completed this task better than the others without comparison, providing the perfect concept which was fast and efficiently developed into the construction-executive project of the building with total floor area of 559,8 m2 and the cubic capacity of 3 259 m3 along with getting the construction permit. I am sure, not only me but also the experts, that this building will be an exceptional architectural work and will surely deserve a professional award."


"Despite the high expectations and a complexity of the project (which concerned the functioning building), as well as many maintenance agreements, the construction-executive-accounting documentation along with getting the construction permit were made according to the wishes of the Investor and the guidelines of the competitions, on time and with a great commitment. The project is developed comprehensively with much care and precision, according to the applying building code. Currently, the company Anita Gadomska & Architekci supervise the implementation of this order. "


"The complex construction-executive project along with the take-offs, the investor estimates and the specifics of execution and reception of the construction works was made in time and with a great commitment of the designers. Taking into consideration conditions, especially the short period of implementing the task, the specifics of measuring and the functional-utility requirements for the buildings, the cooperation with the design office was trouble-free, so while wishing another similar orders for the investment implementation, we can without concern and with full responsibility recommend to every potential investor the design office ANITA GRADOMSKA & ARCHITEKCI as a reliable partner in the investment process. "

Porczyńscy Investment

"Based on the current cooperation with the company ANITA GRADOMSKA & ARCHITEKCI we can say that this company offers project services on the highest level – professionally and punctually. Taking into consideration those factors we recommend the architect Anita Gradomska to every investor as a reliable partner of the whole building process and a guarantee of the investment success."


mgr inż. arch. Anita Gradomska
Main designer, founder of the company

A graduate of the Łódź University of Technology – faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning and of postgraduate studies “Revitalization of cities and industrial structures”. The thesis was regarded the best project of 1997/1998 and received an award of the Łódź City Architect. From the moment of getting the design authorization she works independently on creating her own brand, in years 2009-2017 as ANITA GRADOMSKA & ARCHITEKCIE, currently GRADOMSKA ARCHITEKCI. She is willing to take up new challenges, reach goals and she appreciates good craft. Privately she is fascinated by fashion and motorization.

mgr inż. arch. Paula Pietrasik
Leading designer

A graduate of the Łódź University of Technology – faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning. She gained professional experience while working for many design offices in Łódź. She uses minimalistic solutions and natural materials. She appreciates perfection, honesty and simplicity. She takes care of the compliance of products with legal and technical aspects. In her free time she likes to travel.

mgr inż. arch. Dorota Jaros
Leading designer

A graduate of the Poznań University of Technology – faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning and INSA Strasbourg in France, faculty of Architecture. She gained professional experience in France, the Netherlands and in Poland as part of the cooperation with prestigious studios. A passionate of team work and our specialist on Revit software. Her passion is stylization and public relations.

mgr inż. arch. Agata Wawrzonowska
Leading designer

A graduate of the Łódź University of Technology – faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning. She takes care of every detail thanks to which each element is brought to perfection. Focused on the strength of form and character. Devoted to mountain sports and tourism.



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