Why Us?

It is what You, as our Clients, receive with the project

We design and support You comprehensively. You can count on us at every stage of the investment. We carry out full-discipline projects and get a building permit on behalf of the investor. We ensure supervision, but we also provide consultations. All this in order to minimize Your effort.

We offer two decades of experience confirmed by the authorisation concerning all industries. We are professionals, and a group of our regular customers returning to us with subsequent projects can be our the best references.

We use BIM technology (Building Information Modeling), every time performing a virtual model of the building or interior we design. This fascinating experience can give us a better understanding of the creation process and it also helps us to define precisely the requirements concerning the proportions and the form of the building. The development of a full-discipline model reduces inter-branch collisions and it also becomes the basis for preparing marketing materials concerning investment in the form of realistic visualizations or animations.

We keep improving constantly, not only by participating in trainings and seminars, but also in everyday professional life, when we eager to take new challenges. We focus on the latest technologies, economics and ecology. All we always want is to know more, work better and be among the best! We can guarantee that every time we will do our best to make you satisfied with cooperation with us.

We approach each project with enthusiasm and energy. We would like to share with you our joy of creation and show You the ways to achieve your goals. Each project is a challenge for us, which we are able face despite difficulties.

Each project carried out in our studio is covered by an additional (not required by the law) assurance policy, guaranteeing the security of Your investment.