Investor's decalogue

Top 10 information for people starting an investment - part I


The basis for investment assumptions is the selection of the right location. Before buying even the most charming plot but located on the outskirts of the city, let's consider whether the attractive neighbourhood can compensate several-hours commuting distance of its residents. In addition, suburban plots are usually deprived of full technical infrastructure, which has an impact on the investment cost. There are often no facilities, e.g. commercial or educational, which can have an impact on the residents’ comfort of living.


Before buying a plot, we should check whether it will be suitable for our investment- it is possible to build house there and in a what form (e.g. detached, terraced or semi-detached). The best solution, before you become a plot owner, is to go to the city or district office and apply for an extract from area development plan or, in the absence of it, for a decision on land development and zoning conditions. These documents will allow us to plan the details of the investment (including floor area ratio, the height or width of the building, the type of roof, the roof slope angle, often even the colour, and above all the building foundation and build up line that cannot be crossed). At the same time, these regulations determine the size, appearance or shape of the building.

Example of land development conditions for the Marmurowe estate:

- Existing building line: from the side of the planned internal road, perpendicular or parallel to the access road
- Build up line that cannot be crossed: as a continuation of the existing neighbour buildings
- Built-up area indicator *: each separate non-road plot from 0,2 to 0,27
- Width of the front elevation: for each building from 5m to 15m, the width of the building complex up to 32m
- Height of the front elevation: from 6m to 8m
- Roof shape: pent roof with an angle from 1 to 30 degrees
- Ridge location **: perpendicular or parallel to the access road

* Built-up area indicator - the ratio of building area to the plot area
** Roof ridge - the highest part of the roof, located at the intersection of roof slopes